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About Us

Poff Lawn Maintenance began as a small lawn care business for residents of Lancaster County in 1999. Owner Mike Poff started out mowing lawns while attending college. Later, Mike progressed to hand pruning and mulching and eventually hired employees to serve more customers. Today, the company has a team of professional landscapers, along with an expert in landscape design, hardscaping, and outdoor lighting. PLM has been voted Among the Best lawn care companies in Lancaster County every year since 2005.

Why Work with Poff Lawn Maintenance

It's All in the Details

At Poff Lawn Maintenance we believe that landscaping is an art and that small touches make a big difference. We're obsessive about the details. We don't take shortcuts or do anything half-way! That's why you'll see us hand-pruning your trees and bushes instead of using hedge clippers. We don't believe that faster is necessarily better.

Fair Pricing & Value

While we aren't the cheapest landscaping company you'll find out there, our services are priced to provide VALUE first. We take pride in what we do and give our customers the best service possible at very reasonable rates. We work with our customers to provide complete service, taking the time to answer questions and even work with other vendors the customer has hired to help things run smoothly.

Training & Experience

We have the training and experience to do the job right. Most of our employees have over 10 years of landscaping experience and many have obtained certifications through our ongoing training programs. We invest in ourselves and work to continue to improve our service and our efficiency.

Long-term Relationships

We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. We understand that we earn your business each time we visit your home or business and we're always looking for ways to bring more value to our services and your property.